Baby Clean Fun

Begin to transform frustration into priceless parent child bonding moments. Sample or buy Baby Clean Fun here.

Who is Baby Clean Fun for?
Baby Clean Fun is for Moms with young kids. Soap and Bubbles is the recommended length it takes to wash little hands. As early as 3 months a baby's face will light up when Mommy sings to them. At 8 months a Baby Clean Fun song will get baby to eat, and at 18 months Stinky Pants provides the perfect distraction to get your wiggly worm to hold still on the changing table.  Even wrangling a 2 year old to go out is easier with the help of Goin' Bye-Byes. And that's not even HALF of the baby songs music CD!

Why was Baby Clean Fun created?
Beth Cardwell has 3 children (including twins) who she used to sing Mr. Washcloth to after meals. Beth's friend, Michelle Cruz was amazed at how these babies would smile as the wet rag approached their dirty faces. Michelle already knew the power of a good song from her years as a radio broadcaster. This image stuck with Michelle until 3 years later when her 1st daughter would turn her head and scream when it came time to wipe her face. She ran to Beth for the words, quickly began singing it to her daughter and experienced a transformation.  

What do experts and celebrities say about Baby Clean Fun?
Donny Deutsch proclaimed on "It's a Big Idea!"on CNBC. Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran tweeted to check out Baby Clean FunEntertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell told Michelle on her radio show "I love it. I play the songs for my baby girl." Kelly Ripa said about the baby songs music CD, Baby Clean Fun, "It's Fantastic." Melissa Joan Hart called Baby Clean Fun "Great!" However, our best critics are the Moms and Dads who use Baby Clean Fun.